Learn about the wonderful birdlife of Hajdúság with our guided tours or observe the birds’ daily lives unnoticed from our bird hides located in various habitats.

Our half- and full-day tours start individually or in small groups (2-6 people) from Hajdúböszörmény. For groups of students, we recommend our bird protection educational trail named Gólyavárta in Hajdúvid. From there, in addition to the birdlife of the area, you can also learn about the flora and fauna of the area, as well as the typical land use of the Great Hungarian Plain.

For bird photographers, we recommend our bird hides with one-way mirrors, which operate in spring and summer, in which you can take excellent shots of the birds of our forest, steppe and wetlands after spending half a day. In the autumn, you can follow the movement of the Hortobágy crane migration with us near the feeding and resting places in Hajdúság.

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Bird conservation

Brief description of the Green Circle’s bird conservation activities

The organisation’s bird protection activities are the same age as its association’s founded for environmental and nature conservation, which has a nearly 30-year professional history. Initially, in connection with bird protection, the task was primarily to place and control the artificial nesting boxes made mainly for garden and forest songbirds, as well as to organise the winter bird feeding. In addition, we also organized a few demonstrations of bird ringing to the delight of the local preschoolers.

Today, this is complemented by species conservation programmes, which are predominantly about the placement and monitoring of nesting baskets for white storks and European rollers, as well as D type boxes. But in 2017, we established a complete kestrel nesting site on the border of Hajdúdorog, with placement of nesting boxes. There, in the beginning, only a few common kestrels bred, but today our nesting site gives home to four bird couples next to a little owl family. We hope that the red-footed falcon will also appear in the near future.

In 2019, we installed more than 300 bird and bat protection devices in the Natura 2000 area of the Debrecen-Hajdúböszörmény oaks with the staff of Rónaőrző Society for Nature Protection in Debrecen within the framework of a nature conservation project supported by the European Union. Thus, A, B, C, and D type artificial nesting boxes, as well as owl and kestrel nesting boxes were placed in the forest environment to help the birds start a family.

In the spring of 2020, we established a bird conservation educational trail and a classroom in the yard and building of the former farm school near the village of Hajdúvid. We are primarily looking for groups of pupils with the purpose of environmental education.

the Green Circle’s staff


+36 (20) 9556 758
tour operator

Nature photographer, in 2018, the Minister of State for Rural Development recognized his bird photography activity with a Pro Natura memorial plaque. He is an expert in the avifauna of Hajdúság.

+36 (20) 3508 960
tour guide

Nature conservation engineer, environmental educator. Her professional activity is primarily related to animal protection, including bird protection.

+36 (20) 4373 500
Zsuzsanna SERBÁN
tour guide

Biologist, environmental educator. Organizer of children’s programs for sustainability and nature protection, leader of classes.


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Bocskai tér 2., II/203.


e-mail: info@birdwatching.hu

telefon: +36 (20) 9556 758 (magyarul)

phone: +36 (20) 437 3500 (in English)

telefon: +36 (20) 551 8213 (auf Deutsch)

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The website was developed in connection with the Green Circle’s (project owner) Nature Photography at High Level project, as a marketing element, with the support of the LEADER programme of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, under the framework of the VP6-19.2.1.-40-2-17 call.

The content of this website does not necessarily represent the official position of the European Union and the Hungarian Government.

Name of the beneficiary: Green Circle – Friends of the Earth Hungarian member

Name and code of the call for proposals: Hajdúk Vidékfejlesztési Egyesülete – Tourism development basing on environmental capability, 19.2.1.-40-2-17

Amount of contracted co-financing: 7 121 942 HUF

Rate of programme co-financing: 85 %

Short description of the project: The aim of the project is to increase the tourist attraction of Hajdúság by expanding the nature photography offer in the area. Within the framework of the project, amateur and professional photographers are given the opportunity to take pictures from bird hides, where it is possible to photograph wild birds from 3 different bird watching shelters with one-way mirrors. To this end, 3 mobile bird hides (standing, lying and high) were built and a pickup truck was purchased. In addition, a bilingual website, a logo and a visual identity manual were created to promote the activity. As part of the project, we offer birdwhatching tours and rental bird photography hides for tourists.

End of the project: 30 June 2020